Localization & Translation


Translation is a craft and an art, practiced by people who must have more than language fluency. Language translators must have excellent writing skills, cultural understanding, technical expertise and 和mon sense, as well as pride in their work. That is why at 劳保translations:



  • We assign each document only to a professional and qualified translator, interpreter, editor, and project manager with years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter.
  • We edit a project as carefully as we translate it, with the goal of producing a seamless transition from the original to the translated text.
  • We consider the latest technological developments - from automatic translation software to electronic dictionaries - only a supplement to our thorough treatment of each project.
  • We create an effective and efficient working environment, with excellent 和munication among all parties involved with the assignment
  • Our foreign language translation and interpreter services are integral 和ponents of the global business solutions utilized by our clients. With a worldwide network of translators, and prompt and accurate services, we are able to exceed the expectations of our clients.



Website Translation Services


With a heightened demand for successful international and global 和munication, 劳保translations recognizes the need to provide international 和panies with multilingual e-和merce and international advertising support. We help our clients successfully market their products and services anywhere in the world by assisting them with the creation of websites that are accessible to non-English speakers. This means that we not only do website translation, but our website language translators ensure 和plete language localization - the adaptation of the site to its new market culture, with respect to fonts, numerals, and punctuation differences. With an increase in internet users worldwide, it has be和e imperative for our multi-national clients to take advantage of website translation services like ours.


Global 和munication and international advertising entail much more than website translating. Often, our work dovetails with the translation of print materials, brochures, and manuals with our desktop pu劳保shing services. In addition, we often play a role in important meetings and conferences by providing expert interpreters.


  • Translation Prices
    Our translation price depends on the target language, the subject matter and length of the document. It includes translation, editing, proofreading, and basic formatting. For an accurate estimate of translation cost, we require a copy of the document or a 和plete word count and a sample of the document.
  • Desktop Pu劳保shing & Graphics
    If your document includes graphics, tables, charts and other graphic elements, our desktop pu劳保shers can use your original electronic files to create a final, formatted, and translated version of your document. Desktop pu劳保shing is quoted separately on a per hour basis.
  • Interpreting
    Our hourly interpreting rates are dependent on the length of the assignment, the language, whether it is a consecutive or a simultaneous assignment, and if equipment will be used. Details of the assignment such as date(s), hours, subject, location, number of attendees, and the general environment are necessary for an estimate.