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Index funds vs. ETFs Which is better?

As “passive management” (or rather, management with passive instruments ) grows, the investor may wonder what is better to use Index Funds or ETFs ( Listed Index Funds).

Both types, as their name indicates, share the concept of indexing, that is, the replica of an index. Therefore, they are two faces of the so-called “passive management” or two vehicles

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What are stock indices?

The stock indices are used as a thermometer to determine the health of a given financial market over a period of time. The Ibex 35, the Euro Stoxx 50, the Dow Jones, etc., are stock market indices that allow us to know – in aggregate form – the behavior of a set of actions that are grouped according to certain criteria, such as the geographical area or the sector of activity to which they belong.

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The main stock market indices on the planet and the funds that replicate them

Investing in equities has historically been very profitable. During the 20th century, in almost any decade, buying equities proved to be a good strategy to preserve purchasing power. However, very few investors in that period will have obtained exactly the results shown by the market averages. When we talk about the evolution of the stock […]

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